Agents looking to register for new programs  within their existing Miramar:Agent profile can do so be accessing their Profile Dashboard.  Once you log into Miramar: Agent (, with your Username and Password, you can click on Dashboard, on the upper left hand, corner index.

Once you click on Dashboard, you will see on the top, middle of the page, a button, that says Register New Program.

Click on Register New Program, and enter in, your registration pin code, and click Submit. The registration pin code should be provided to to an agent by their Upline or Organization upon their approval of the agent registering for the program in question.
Once you are successfully registered, for the new training program, with your registration pin code, it will be listed, underneath Active Programs, on your Agent Dashboard. From here you can click on Start, next to your training program, to start your training.

Agents can follow the steps above, to enter in each individual registration pin code, for each individual training program.
If you do not, have the registration pin codes, for your training programs, you can contact your Upline or FMO, for the registration pin codes.