National Producer Numbers (NPN) are unique identifiers assigned through the National Association of Insurance Commissioner's (NAIC's) licensing application process. The NPN is used to track individuals and business entities on a national basis. Some agents are not assigned National Producer Numbers as they may have an active license that is not on the Producer Database (PDB) or registered directly with the NAIC. 

Within Miramar:Agent most agents are linked to the NPN among other identifying factors. Agents that would like to update their NPN can do so by clicking the arrow on the top right hand side of their browser and clicking 'Profile'. Here, agents can update their personal information including their NPN and save that information by clicking the 'Save' button in the bottom right hand corner of the browser. 

Miramar:Agent profiles being connected to the proper NPN and other identifying information is crucial to having their account updated properly a Miramar:Agent is constantly processing information connected to the NPN and populating the profile accordingly.